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Has your forklift operator accidentally hit a sprinkler head?
Did your furnace fail during the coldest night of winter and now
your sprinkler lines have frozen and started to leak?
Has your tenant damaged a sprinkler head while decorating 

his office space? Dependable Fire Protection has faced every emergency situation.

Our vehicles are stocked with many different sprinkler components that may assist in making a permanent or at least a temporary repair if material needs to be ordered.

If a sprinkler head or sprinkler piping is accidentally damaged or freezes in your facility, immediately shut off the main control valves to your sprinkler system. These valves are most likely in the basement or in the boiler room. These valves have wheel handles that are as large as the steering wheel in your car. Turn these valves clockwise. Do not panic!! Your first phone call should be to Dependable Fire Protection at 1-800-239-0254. Help will be on the way immediately. The local fire department may pay you a visit if your sprinkler system is connected to a central dispatch center.

In addition to our emergency service, we have an extensive repair division.  We have the experience to repair the smallest leak or the largest pipe break whether it be above or below the ground. You can be assured that Dependable Fire Protection will make every attempt to answer your emergency call as quickly as possible. We will also make every attempt to calm you on the telephone during any emergency situation. Dependable Fire Protection will help you — every day at any time!!